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  User Manual for Sunglasses Camera

1: Camera 2: ON/OFF 3: Mode button 4: Indicator 5: Micro SD(TF) 6: Mini 5 pin USB 7: MIC

This is the first HD-DV Sunglasses, you can shoot high-definition video, taking high-quality photos, recording high-quality audio, supporting Micro SD(TF) card, With simple operation, elegant design, small size, it is easy to carry. It is an essential utility in business, education, security, media, justice, tourism, health care, living and other field.>


a. Parts Description:

a.1 Indicator: Part(4) is status indicator. Red light is video model indicator. Blue light is a photo mode indicator. Blue light and Red light are audio model indicator.

a.2 Keys Description: Part (2) is operation button, Press the button to turn on, turn off, start, stop, video recording, photo, sound recording. Part(3) is mode button, Press the button to change mode between Video recording, Photo, and Audio recording.

a.3 Socket: Micro SD(TF) card slot (5) is used to insert the Micro SD (TF) card ; Mini USB socket (6) is used to connect computer or charger. It is the interface for data transfer and charging.

a.4 Microphone and camera: Microphone (7) is used to get the sound signal ;Camera(1) is used to get the image signal.

b. ON/OFF: Press the button to turn on the device. Then the blue light is on, The device begin initializing, After initialzation complete, The blue light is off, the red light is on. The device enters into the video recording mode, Press the button for 2 seconds, all lights will be turned off. The device will automatically save the current file and shutdown.
Note: Don’t press any button when the device is initialzing, The device will not response it.

c. Mode change: You can change the mode between Video recording , Photograph, Audio recording by press the mode button.

d. Record video: In the video mode, the device enters into the standby status.Now the red light is on. Press the button (2) to start the video recording. The red light flashes slowly. Pressing the button again to stop recording and save the file. Afterward the red light returns to ON mode; In order to ensure the safety and the size of the file, the system will automatically save file every 30 minutes once, and continue the video recording.

Note: Make sure there is adequate light in the surrounding and the camera is not blocked by other items. Keep the camera upright and stable. And the object should be more than 50cm from the camera. In order to ensure good sound effect of recording, do not block the microphone hole.

e. Take photo: In the photo mode, the device enters into the standby status for photo-taking. Now the blue light is on. Press the button(2). Theblue light flashes one time to complete the photo taking and image saving. Then it returns to the standby status.

Note: Make sure there is adequate light in the surrounding and the camera is not blocked by other items. Keep the camera upright and stable. And the object should be more than 50cm from the camera.

f. Record sound: In the audio mode, the device enters into the standby status.Now the red and the blue light are on at the same time. Press the button(2) to start the sound recording. The red light flashes slowly and the blue light keeps on. Pressing the button(2) again to stop recording and save the file. Afterward the blue light returns to ON mode.

Note: In order to ensure good sound effect of recording, do not block the microphone hole.

g. PC camera: When the power is on, you can connect the device with computer USB interface, you can enter the PC Camera (webcam) mode. In this mode, your camera can be used as a PC camera, with your friends online video chat, take photos, and so on.
Note: According to the computer system configuration or difference, the computer may not detect a camera function by once, if the computer can not enter the camera function, but into a Udisk. Please remove the camera and connect the camera to the computer again; If you are the first time to use the PC camera function on your computer, please install the drivers on the CD or dealers provided.

h. Removable Disk: In the shutdown mode, connect a computer USB interface, enter into the Udisk function, at this time, the computer will pop up movable disk logo, the media file directory as follows: * : REC\PHOTO\VIDEO\time.txt ;Need to uninstall the device, please click on the task bar on the bottom right corner of the icon to the management of removable devices, uninstall the inside removable storage devices, when the system recognizes the hardware can be safely pulled out, and then disconnect the camera and computer connections.
Note: According to a computer or system configuration differences, the time to identify removable disk will be slightly different, please be patient, this period is best not to carry out the operation of the camera, so as to avoid the impact of the computer hardware identification. If did not identify to a removable disk for a long time, try to re-insert, if still unable to identify the hardware, make sure that your operating system, driver, usb interface cable are all normal; please uninstall the hardware with the normal process, so as to avoid to damage the computer or device.

i. Charge: Connect to computer USB interface or charger. During the charging, the red light flashes slowly. When the battery is fully recharged, the red light stops flashing.
Note: The recorder is with built-in high-capacity lithium polymer battery. The battery is with no memory effect. It can be used and charged at anytime. But for the initial five times of charging, please charge battery to saturation after the battery runs out. It is to activate the battery maximum capacity and maintain the standard working time. In order to maximize the capacity of storage battery, please continue to charge for 30 minutes to 1 hour after the indicator light long bright.

j. Set time: the video recorder provides the function to display the video record time in video file, you can set the time and the time display or not according to actual needs; the time display format: "year. month. Day Hours: minutes: seconds" , setup times are as follows:
a. Turn off the camera —>to connect the computer —> open the removable disk —> click the right mouse button on blank space of the root directory of the device —>move the cursor on "New" option of the pop-up menu —> select "Text Document" —> named "time" to the text document, need to pay attention to its extension name is ". txt" —> completion of setting up time file; you can set up in accordance with the above steps on your desktop, other disk partition, under the other folder and then copy to a removable disk root directory.
b. Open the "time" text document, input the time settings string, the string is composed of "year. month.Day hours.minutes.seconds show/hide flag" ,set-up times are as follows:
  With time shows: 2012-05-01 23:59:59
The above time string are the time you want to set, attention to the space between year Month day and Hours minutes seconds,

c. The file of set-up time has been copied to the root directory, uninstall hardware, boot, complete set-up time.
d. The time set up will be saved to the camera inside.

k. Troubleshooting:
When the storage space is insufficient, the red light and blue light flashes alternately about 7 seconds, then automatically save the current files and shut down. If you want to continue to use this video recorder, copy the necessary files to computer and delete the old documents in storage in order to free up enough storage space;
When the battery is insufficient, the red and blue light flash alternately about 5 seconds, then automatically save the current files and shut down. If you want to continue to use the recorder, please charge the battery.
If the video recorder stops responding due to improper operation or other unexpected reason, please press the button 2 and button 3 at the same to restart the device.


Item Parameters
Video format AVI
Video encoding M-JPEG
Video resolution 640*480 VGA
Video frame rate 30fps В± 1 fps
Media playing software Attached software of the operating system or Mainstream audio and video media playing software, recommend Kmplayer
Picture format JPG
Picture pixels 1280*1024
The ratio of image 4:3
Supporting system Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista, Mac OS10.4 (uncertainty, depends on the computer model), Linux
charge pressure DC-5V
Interface type Mini 5 Pin USB
Storage support MicroSD (TF)
Battery type high-capacity lithium polymer


  • Application: Please strictly abide relevant regulations and laws. This product should not be used for any illegal purposes. The user is fully responsible for its using purpose.

  • Battery: If do not use this recording function after long time, please charged it fully before using.

  • File security: This product is not a professional storage device. It does not guarantee the integrity and security of saved files. Please back up your important documents on the computer or other storage device timely.

  • Video quality: This product is not a professional video recording device. It Does not guarantee the effect of the video file to have the professional quality

  • Operating temperature: 0—40В°C. For the extension of life, it is best used at room temperature.

  • Operating humidity: 20% -80%. This product does not have the waterproof function. So it can not work under the humid environment,гЂ‚

  • Shooting brightness: Do not expose the camera directly to strong light, such as the sun light, to avoid damage to optical devices.

  • Cleaning: Do not use it under the environment with high dust density to avoid the contamination of camera lens or other components

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